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Themes and Topics

This is the first ever conference, integrating all the basic building blocks of nature together, and hence themes listed below are only to serve as broad discussion topics. Conference aims to invite contributions from individuals, spiritual beings, scientists and researchers from a diverse background i.e. Water, Earth Sciences (geology, geophysics, geochemistry etc.), Agriculture, Air, Space sciences, Energy (hydro, thermal, nuclear, solar and other unconventional), traditional wisdom, enabling wholesome integrated discussion on sustainability.

Understanding Panch – Tatwa building blocks of Humans & the Universe

This theme aims to deepen the understanding of the linkage between the ‘Panch Tatwa’ (The Five Elements) and to show the potential for integrated solutions. Experts from each sector will provide insight into how their sector influences, and is influenced by, other sector. The deep insight into interdependence of these elements will help evolve strategies for integrated, wholesome approach to bring about balance for sustainability.

Traditional wisdom regarding balance of 5 elements and inter-linked Spirituality will also be discussed under this theme.

Integration for Sustainability

Today nearly one billion people do not have access to safe drinking water, 2.5 billion people lack access to sustainable sanitation, one billion people suffer from hunger, and 2.5 billion people do not have access to modern forms of energy. This theme will identify synergies and tradeoffs with regard to access to water, energy and food, by restoring balance in the five elements and developing an understanding of integration of approach.

Earth- Understanding beyond soil

There is an urgent need to understand Earth beyond the Soil, which remains main focus of attention. This theme aims at discussing Earth as a whole, with emphasis on various processes and interventions deteriorating the quality of this special planet. Everything that is there in nature will be eventually destroyed or will change its shape and form. Whatever man creates gets destroyed, but its residue remains in the environment to pollute it. These heaps of ‘waste’ generated by man destroy the quality of the environment and disturb the relationship between all living beings and the Earth. Cutting of trees and forests, soil pollution, dumping of waste etc., is severely affecting the sustainability. Earth as a whole comprises of land mass and oceans, and increasing sea water level due to global warming, demonstrated the interdependence of these elements. Aspects rated to earth subsidence due to extraction of resources, will also be deliberated under this theme.

There are many ways in which modern man has created serious imbalances in Earth element. There is an urgent need to study these imbalances and fall back upon our ancient wisdom to bring back balance this aspect will also be discussed under this theme.

Water- Management & Integrated Approach

The theme will discuss all the aspects of water element, including but not limited to, water exploration, integrated water management, water pollution, waste water treatment and management, water quality, drinking water challenges, water utilities management, aquifer management, technologies and solutions, grey water issues, ground water, surface water etc. The theme will also focus on interdependence with other elements, like soil pollution leading to aquifer contamination, air pollution leading to acid rains, use (or misuse) of water for emerging energy demands, and strategies towards sustainable development.

Traditional Wisdom regarding Water and Spirituality of Water will also be discussed under this theme.

Air- The interconnectedness & approach for balance

The theme will discuss various aspects related to rampant air pollution, ozone layer depletion, green house effect and global warming. The effect of climate change on water resources will also be discussed under this theme. The demand for more and more energy, resulting in increasing number of power plants, adding to increasing air pollution, is just one example of interconnectedness nature of these elements. Such topics will be deliberated upon with an aim to promote integrated approach to restore balance in this primary element.

Traditional Wisdom regarding Air for eg ( in ancient times performing Hawans was a daily practise this practise had other lot of benefits and one feature was definitely cleansing of the Air, keeping the natural surroundings clean) will be discussed under this theme.

Water, Energy & Food Security:

The ‘artificial’ energy needs to cater to ‘unnatural’ lifestyle are leading to rapid burning of coal, impact of which are evident in terms of ever increasing pollution. Nuclear energy has already shown its negative and irreversible impacts all around the world, prompting many countries to de-commission their nuclear facilities in a phased manner. Hydro power is also taking toll on naturally flowing rivers, leading to massive de-forestation and resettlement issues. Irony is that development of a country is being measured in terms of energy consumption. There is an urgent need to enhance efficiency of resource use and changing the consumption patterns. As an example, use of drip irrigation reduces the water consumption, lowers the energy demand for pumping and increases the crop yield. Such aspects will be deliberated upon under this theme centred around Fire/ Energy Basic Element.

Strong traditional systems ensuring Water/ Energy/ Food security will also be deliberated upon.

Space- The losing battle

Earth has a limited space, which is becoming more and more crowded with growing population. Industries and residences are replacing agriculture land. Earlier, demand for agriculture land, lead to cutting and trees and huge depletion of forests. The space pollution is rampant, and infamous accident of Sky Lab was just one such example. There is practically no control on activities of various countries in this domain, which might lead to irreversible damages.

There is an urgent need to address to this vastly ignored Element of Space comprehensively.

Reviving the traditional systems

The ancient civilizations had mastered the art of living in balance and harmony, developing systems towards sustainability. Various civilizations have such systems, and its need of the hour to study these, and integrate with modern science. The knowledge hidden in our ancient literature can be scientifically revalidated in light of modern science, to become basis of wholesome knowledge and sustainable living.


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