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About Awards 2014

The “Aqua Excellence Awards” are the highest awards given by Aqua Foundation to its members, stakeholders and contributors in recognition of their outstanding achievements in the field of water, environment, energy, earth sciences, atmospheric sciences, planetary sciences, pollution control and sustainability solutions. Aqua Foundation honours, in each WAC, individual / nominees of corporate members who have made a mark in their respective fields of expertise or have made a significant contribution towards Humanity.

Number of Awards :

The number of awards shall be between 0 and 40 every year.

Eligibility :

The award is given for significant achievement in national or international level in one of the following areas, in the field of Water, Environment, Energy, Earth Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Planetary Sciences, Pollution Control and Sustainability Solutions in one of the following areas:

  • Academic Excellence (Individual)
  • Professional Excellence (Individual)
  • Excellence in Resource Management (Institutional)
  • Excellence in Development of Technology (Individual/ Institutional)
  • Outstanding Contribution towards cause of Sustainability- Public Sector
  • Outstanding Contribution towards cause of Sustainability - Private Sector
  • Green Hospitality*
  • Green Housing*
  • Industry Award

Special Category Awards

  • Baba Neem Karoli Maharaj Awards

    These awards are nominated to Indivisuals and Organizations under following:

    This special category award has been created on Baba Neem Karoli Maharaj’s message of ‘ Love All, Feed All, Serve All ’which encompasses the entire universe . The awards are nominated to indivisuals and organizations who have given outstanding contribution toward Serving Humanity, Traditional Wisdom and Angels of Humanity.

  • Serving Humanity Awards

    Only Humans are capable of making difference. Humanity is a virtue and a set of strengths focused on tending the Universe. This award recognizes Indivisuals and Organizations who have achieved this virtue through Serving Humanity.

    • Outstanding contribution towards serving ‘ Humanity ’- Indivisual
    • Outstanding contribution towards serving ‘ Humanity ’- Organization
  • Traditional Wisdom Awards

    Around the globe indivisuals and organizations have contributed heavily towards better civilization. These awards recognises indivisuals and organizations who have served mother nature through Tradional Wisdom.

    • Excellence Award for serving mother nature through ‘ Traditional Wisdom ’ – Indivisual
    • Excellence Award for serving mother nature through ‘ Traditional Wisdom ’ – Organization
  • Angels of Humanity Award

    Children are the future citizens and have the potential to change the world around us. This award has been created to encourage the ‘Future citizens’ to understand the importance and value of serving the Humanity and how new social platform can be created through the philosophy of – Love All, Feed All, Serve All.

    • Excellence Award for ‘Angels of Humanity’
    There is no fixed criterion for measuring excellence. But the Award Committee must be satisfied that the nominee truly belongs to the class of exceptional individuals/ institution who have made a mark in their chosen area of endeavour.

Nomination :

Nomination for the award may be made by stakeholders, serving and retired members, Chairman- Aqua Foundation, and by other reputed individuals working in the field of water & environment. Self nomination can also be made. Wide publicity shall be given by Aqua Foundation among eligible nominators so as to get good number of nominations. Nominations received after the due date shall be considered for the next year’s award. The details forwarded with nomination must contain the following information:

  • Name, address, e-mail ID, telephones, fax etc.
  • Qualification and Professional experience (in case of individual)
  • Contribution that merit this award [Detailed account]
  • Brief details of projects / services carried by nominee
  • Any other relevant information

Nominations shall be sent to :

Praggya Sharmaa, General Secretary,
Aqua Foundation
707, Eros Apartments, 56-Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019

The General Secretary will organize the material received and place them before the Screening Committee for preliminary evaluation.

Evaluation Process :

Preliminary screening of proposals is made by the Screening Committee consisting of the following members:

  • General Secretary, Aqua Foundation
  • Two Members or nominees of Governing Council of Aqua Foundation

The Committee places its recommendation before the Chairman for approval. On approval of the Chairman, the nominees are informed by the General Secretary and a formal invitation to the Award Function is sent by the General Secretary.

Award & Exception

The Award :

The award shall be in the form of a plaque with an image of the Aqua Foundation logo and a certificate. The award shall be given at the World Aqua Congress (International Communion of Panch- Tatwa) of the respective year. If, for some reason, the awardee is unable to be present in the Show, he can receive it from the Secretary at any later date.

Exception :

The Screening Committee will consider all proposals forwarded by the Secretary. It may, at its discretion, add additional names from or outside the original list. The General Secretary, assisted by 2 Members of Governing Council may accelerate the process to present an award in the World Aqua Congress.


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