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Certificate course in Hydrogeology

Eligibility :

As per the eligibility criteria set forth a student must :

  • Minimum 20 years of age
  • Graduate with science discipline either having Geology or Physics as one of the subjects. Graduates having other specialized qualifications related to water sector also can apply and their eligibility will be subject to approval by the institute.

Duration : 3 months distant learning mode.

Fee Structure : One time fee payment Rs 15,000/ USD 600.

Course Structure :

  • Introduction to Hydrogeology
  • Groundwater system and Geologic Processes
  • Hydraulic Head, Porosity, Water Content, Hydraulic Conductivity, Specific Storage, Specific Yield And Aquifer System
  • Water Level Monitoring And Hydrograph Preparations
  • Hydrogeological Investigations for Bore Well Drilling in Different Hydrogeological Terrain.
  • Determination of Aquifer’s Parameters.
  • Quality of Groundwater and Contaminant Transport Properties
  • Governing Equations and Calculation of Groundwater Flow
  • Brief on Numerical Groundwater Modelling
  • Brief on Analytic Groundwater Modelling
  • Hydrogeological Investigations for Selecting Artificial Recharge Sites
  • Groundwater Resources Estimations.
  • Groundwater and Related Geotechnical Problems

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