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Certificate course in Geographic Information Systems(GIS)

Geographic Information System (GIS) software integrates the power of geography, spatial location to gather, analyze, and visualize vast amounts of information. Modern GIS technologies use digital information and allows us to view, store, manipulate, analyze and present all types of geographical data. Basically, it is the integration of cartography, statistical analysis, and database technology.

Eligibility :

As per the eligibility criteria of Geographic Information Systems(GIS) set forth a student must :

  • Minimum 20 years of age
  • Graduate with science discipline.

Duration : 3 months distant learning mode with 05 days practical class.

Fee Structure : One time fee payment Rs 15,000/ USD 600.

Course Structure :

  • Introduction to Concepts of Geographic Information Systems(GIS)
  • An Overview of GIS Industry & GIS Software
  • Importance & Role of Use in Resource Management
  • Concepts of Geology, Hydrology and Hydrogeology
  • GIS Data Sources, Data Collection
  • Data Formats & Standards
  • Planning, Selection and Implementation of GIS

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